Identify Environmental & Climate-Related Threats with Teren’s Expert-Enhanced Nationwide Hazard Models

Teren’s nationwide hazard potential models are high-resolution, statistically validated and scientifically informed to better understand and evaluate environmental and climate risks.

Teren Nationwide Hazard Model Wildfire Threat

Wildfire Threat

Statistically validated to explain 83% of historical wildfires.

Teren Nationwide Hazard Model Weather Summary

Weather Deviations Summary

Precipitation and temperature deviations from 30-yr average.

Teren Nationwide Hazard Model Landslide Threat

Landslide Threat

Forward-looking model that explains 92% of landslides.

Teren Nationwide Hazard Model Subsidence Threat

Subsidence Threat

Combines karst and climate considerations (precipitation and temperature).

Teren Nationwide Hazard Model Inland Flooding

Coastal & Inland Flooding Threat

Considers stream power and storm surge for both rural and highly-populated areas. 

River Scour Threat

River Scour Threat

Combines stream power with elevation, temperature, and precipitation. 

Agriculture Erosion

Agriculture Erosion Threat

Considers land use, soils, wind speeds, and climate data. 

Road Erosion Threat

Road Erosion Threat

Considers road type, weather patterns, and soil conditions.

Seismic Threat

Seismic Threat

Connects seismic activity to property or infrastructure of concern.

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The Teren Difference

What Makes Teren’s Weather & External Force Threat Data Unique?


Fine resolution (100-meter) precisely captures local variability to guide parcel-level decisions across all land use types.

Statistically Validated

Validated against historical events occurring, the models performantly explain 83 – 92% of historical variability. High predictive power enables confident decision making with consistent methodology across the nation.

Scientifically Informed

Rooted in both ecosystem science and statistical analysis, the hazards maps are accompanied by explanatory layers that help the user interpret the science behind the hazard score for more confident decision making.

Near-Real Time Weather Reporting
Teren’s Processing Engine is Scalable to assess the Coterminous United States 

Trusted by the Largest U.S. Infrastructure Operators & Insurers

Teren’s statistically validated, scientifically informed, and high-resolution nationwide data models allow you to identify, understand, and proactively mitigate potential and evolving environmental and climate risks.

Our powerful processing capabilities analyze thousands of linear miles or square miles in minutes. We deliver a more accurate analysis faster than anyone so you can take action to protect your assets.

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