Pinpoint areas of high environmental threat susceptibility to prioritize your inspection and mitigation investment.

Teren identifies areas of the highest environmental and climate-related risks by conducting a holistic external threat evaluation of your asset footprint. Using soil, geologic, hydrologic, terrain, climate, and remotely sensed data, Teren ranks-high risk areas to prioritize inspection and mitigation investments.

Teren Essentials Landslide

Landslide Threat

Teren Subsidence Threat

Subsidence Threat

Teren River Scour Threat

River Scour Threat

Teren Agriculture Depth of Cover

Ag Erosion Threat

Road Depth of Cover

Road Erosion Threat

Teren Seismic Threat

Seismic Threat

A Better Way to Manage Environmental Threats

Essentials helps alleviate the social, legal, regulatory, insurer and shareholder pressure to manage environmental threats, which are increasing at an alarming rate due to climate change.


Create a Digital Twin of the Environment Surrounding Your Asset

Identify where your asset is most vulnerable to external force threats and prescribe more detailed monitoring and analysis, such as LiDAR-based analytics, where you need it most.

Teren ESG Solutions

We work with companies who have the greatest opportunity to drive climate change resilience.