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Insurers are facing a data gap.


With natural disasters increasing in size, frequency and cost, typical insurance risk analysis can’t keep up, forcing insurers to abandon entire markets (and potential profits).

Look at risk through a new lens and thrive again in hazard-prone markets.

Teren’s suite of actionable wildfire, landslide, flood and weather data products help insurers quickly and accurately measure and monitor property-level risk conditions and make informed, confident decisions about which properties to insure.

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Webinar: settling the score on wildfire risk

Teren and EigenRisk brought their expertise to the forefront, shedding light on the intricacies of wildfire risk assessment. Focusing on real-world scenarios, Teren and EigenRisk shed light on the intricacies of wildfire risk assessment for insurers.


Teren provides customizable analysis and integrations to focus on the risk factors that matter most to you.



Watershed Management

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Revolutionizing Post-Wildfire Recovery: A Case Study on Hermits Peak Watershed Management Project

Read Teren's case study on the Hermits Peak watershed management project completed in collaboration with the USDA.

Teren Launches Hermit’s Peak Watershed Protection Analysis

Climate resilience analytics will offer actionable insights into Hermits Peak’s post-wildfire risks. Teren, the climate resilience analytics company, today launched [...]

Teren Awarded USDA Grant to Improve TWI Measure for Soil and Vegetation Delineation

Award from the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service Teren is pleased to announce our pending grant with USDA Natural Resources Conservation [...]

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