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Identify Threats Before They Become Incidents

Teren identifies areas of the highest environmental and climate-related risks by conducting a holistic assessment of external threats near and around your infrastructure.

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Climate Resilience Analytics
Wildfire 4D

Actionable Insights to Reduce Your Risk

Using high-resolution remotely-sensed data, GIS know-how, and data science, Teren identifies and quantifies distinct threats surrounding assets and provides actionable insights to fortify infrastructure. 

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Keep a Pulse on Changing Site Conditions

Teren monitors the environment surrounding assets over-time to identify and prioritize new and changing hazards, such as severe weather events, to avoid potential loss and measure improved resilience.

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External Threats Dashboard

Industry Analytic Packages

Asset owners, developers, engineering firms, and insurers can reduce exposure to climate threats, measure change over time, and improve physical resilience.

Terrain 4D

Terrain 4D

Landslide: Problematic Hillslope

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Renewable 4D

Renewable 4D

Wildfire 4D

Wildfire 4D

Teren Power Transmission

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Teren ESG Sustainability 4D

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