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Pipeline Integrity Management, 

Teren Pipeline Environmental Intelligence


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Incident imminent.

For pipeline operators, natural force threats are an incident waiting to happen.

There isn’t enough time in the day to collect data about, identify, prioritize, and manage the ever-growing and evolving threats to ensure infrastructure safety.

With so much at stake — degrading assets, new regulations, and public scrutiny — the status quo to manage pipeline risk is no longer sufficient.

Enter Terevue.

Terevue is the only software solution that anticipates, prioritizes, and alerts your team in real time to evolving weather and environmental hazards threatening infrastructure integrity across entire pipeline networks.

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Big Data. Big Results.


shut-ins prevented annually


Billion cubic feet of natural gas saved every year from being lost to market


Million metric tons of CO2 emissions across the U.S. eliminated annually

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They found 12 slips that we weren’t able to find on our foot patrols. We had one of the rainiest seasons on record, and we didn’t incur any shut ins. So really, by switching from reactive to a proactive mode, we were able to reduce our repair budget almost 90%. So just the avoidance of one major geohazard, we were able to effective fund our entire maintenance program.

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Pipeline Safety Engineer

We get consistency — factual, unbiased data. We take out the margin of error when compared with boots on the ground and people’s opinions. We reduce our carbon footprint by not putting vehicles on the road. There’s also a safety advantage.

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The speed and scale Teren delivers data directly impacts the success of construction projects.


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It all started with a strange bend in a pipe.

Tired of averaging 3-5 stressful shut-ins/year, this pipeline operator came to Teren to see the unseen and reduce repair budget by 90%.

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It’s always hard to tell a client “we told you so”.

But when Teren’s data predictions proved spot-on for a landslide resulting in a $1.2 billion asset loss, it was time to do things differently.

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You can have your pipeline and protect monarchs too.

After acquiring land with wily vegetation, one pipeline operator leveraged Teren analytics to protect endangered species and its ROW.

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Above and Below: Holistic Geohazard Monitoring