Leveraging Predictive Analytics: Teren’s Practical Impact for Pipeline Operators


In infrastructure management, predictive analytics can be a game-changer, offering the ability to foresee potential disasters and mitigate risks. We, at Teren, specialize in environmental twins and resilience data analytics to help infrastructure owners mitigate risks before they become incidents.

Our approach is straightforward yet effective. By analyzing various data points such as ground movement, hydrology, and vegetation changes, we can predict potential hazards like landslides months in advance.

Predicting Landslides

Our predictions proved spot-on when heavy rainfall triggered a landslide exactly where Teren had warned in a pipeline right-of-way. The resulting pipeline rupture led to a costly shutdown, amounting to $7 million per day in lost revenue for six months—a substantial blow totaling $1.2 billion.

Interestingly, despite Teren’s accurate foresight, the affected company initially chose to disregard the warning. However, after facing significant losses, they had a change of heart. Embracing Teren’s analytics, they began proactively identifying and addressing infrastructure vulnerabilities.

Proactive Management

Since then, the operator has seen a significant improvement in their risk management strategy. With Teren’s insights, they can now pinpoint potential threats, assess their severity, and monitor conditions effectively. As a result, they’ve experienced zero landslide incidents, showcasing the practical impact of predictive analytics in real-world scenarios.

This story underscores the importance of leveraging data-driven insights to enhance infrastructure resilience. In an ever-changing environment, proactive risk management can make all the difference, ensuring smoother operations and fewer disruptions in the long run.

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