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Data. Insights. Intelligence.


For forest, water resource and emergency planners and managers, data science and digital twins are the new necessities for effective, defensible watershed and disaster management decisions.

Harmonized data.
Happier forests.
Healthier watersheds.

Teren’s suite of actionable forest, watershed and disaster data products harmonize LiDAR data with contextual datasets to create and analyze dynamic digital twins of the natural and human worlds.

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Vegetation Management

The beauty is in the details

Learn more about how Teren’s products harness technology for a robust forest ecosystem and economy.

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Teren provides customizable analysis and integrations to focus on the risk factors that matter most to you.


Watershed Management

Want to see Teren’s data product suite in action? Read these stories.

It all started with a strange bend in a pipe.

Tired of averaging 3-5 stressful shut-ins/year, this pipeline operator came to Teren to see the unseen and reduce repair budget by 90%. Read More

It’s always hard to tell a client “we told you so”.

But when Teren’s data predictions proved spot-on for a landslide resulting in $1.2 billion asset loss, it was time doing things differently. Read More

Lahaina was looking to rebuild and protect its coral reef post-wildfire.

Teren’s integrated approach harnessing photogrammetry data, spatial analysis, and ecosystem science equiped Maui County with the data to do just that. Read More
– Ready to dive deeper? –

340,000+ acres of Burn Scar. Acquired, Processed & Analyzed IN 11 days.

Read this Case Study on how Teren quickly processed, calibrated and classified LiDAR data that enabled the USDA to assess burn area from the Hermit’s Peak fire and prescribe treatments.