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Environmental Intelligence for Land & Forest Management. Powered by the Teren Engine.

Teren’s suite of actionable land & forest management data products serve as a single source of truth for objective, confident land stewardship decisions.

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Harmonized data. Happier land & forests. Healthier economy.


Scenario-based hydrologic modeling and quantification of flow velocities, volume, and depths to understand and mitigate risks associated with flooding & debris flows.

Analyses that quantify primary stand structure indices, wood volume, mass, and foliage 3D structure. Assess forest health, composition, stand age, and change through time at multiple resolutions.

Reveal where action is needed most after a wildfire to protect human lives and infrastructure, prevent further disasters, and quickly regenerate ecosystem function.

Leveraging remotely-sensed data, Teren’s nationwide wildfire model, and deep earth sciences expertise, identify and prioritize zones at highest risk for wildfire and its indirect impacts such as flooding, sediment, and debris flows.

Process and analyze high-fidelity remotely sensed data at speed and scale to gain insights that drive confident action.

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Learn more about how Teren’s products harness technology for a robust forest ecosystem and economy.

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Teren provides customizable analysis and integrations to focus on the risk factors that matter most to you.


We’re the ones the U.S. Government, Fortune 100, and leading energy giants turn to when they need the technological maze deciphered and the toughest resilience puzzles cracked.

Teren Partners

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