GeoWeek Recap: AI & Machine Learning Opportunities for Geospatial Data

During GeoWeek, our CEO, Toby Kraft, was a guest speaker in the AI and Machine Learning Opportunities for Geospatial Data track. His presentation, titled “The Environmental Twin: A New Way to Manage Asset Resilience in the Face of a Changing Climate” discussed the pressing issue of climate change and its significant impact on infrastructure and humanity as a whole. Noting $459.6B in damages incurred from extreme weather events and 1,460 American lives lost in just the past three years, he illustrated how traditional approaches to asset management desperately need to evolve.

During the presentation, Toby introduced the concept of the “environmental twin” as a forward-thinking strategy to tackle these challenges head-on. Unlike traditional digital twins that focus solely on infrastructure, environmental twins expand the scope to include the surrounding environment, weather and climate. However, modeling the most physically large and complex system on earth is easier said than done. Our interaction with the environment demands a digital twin solution that can provide accurate, real-time, and precise ways to understand our changing planet. Which is where Teren comes in… 

Toby provided several examples demonstrating Teren’s successful creation of an environmental twin that enabled real-time monitoring, analysis, and predictive modeling of the changing landscape. From wildfire reclamation to landslide prevention to storm surge mitigation, he articulated how Teren’s AI-driven triage of weather, land movement, and asset data can not only identify and monitor changes – it can practically predict them.  

His aim was to inspire participants to rethink their approach to asset management and challenge the traditional ways to use geospatial data in light of climate change. With Teren, organizations gain the tools needed to anticipate risks, enhance decision-making processes, and build resilient infrastructure capable of withstanding future challenges.

By sharing insights and best practices, we hope to equip organizations with the knowledge and tools necessary to navigate the complexities of climate change and build a more resilient future for infrastructure worldwide.

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