Navigating the Future with Teren’s Advanced Data Science Solutions

Armed with AI and data science, we don’t just model and identify evolving threats – we practically predict them. Whether it’s unruly weather or the subtle dance of the earth beneath, we’ve got it covered.

Monitoring Change Over Time

Our advanced system empowers you to identify and predict emerging threats that escape the human eye. By meticulously monitoring evolving environmental conditions through temporal, remotely-sensed data, Teren equips you with the foresight to take proactive measures. Stay ahead of the curve, mitigate potential risks, and enhance resilience in the face of evolving challenges.

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Teren Actionable Insights
Teren Wildfire Potential Model

Statistically Validated Data Models

Teren’s data models undergo rigorous validation against historical events, demonstrating impressive performance by accurately explaining 83 – 92% of historical variability. This high predictive power provides a foundation for confident decision-making, ensuring consistency in methodology across the nation. 

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Threat Prioritization based on Ecosystem Science & Experience

Employing sophisticated modeling techniques and ecosystem science know-how, we analyze and prioritize emerging threats across 15,000+ miles of infrastructure, accounting for over 6,000 geohazards. Our finely tuned prioritization algorithm ensures precision, guiding you through vulnerability assessments and strategic decision-making.

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Pipeline Operations Dashboard from Teren

We work with companies who have the greatest opportunity to drive climate change resilience.