Accelerate project timelines and lower costs during solar construction with topography, stormwater, and clearing analyses.

With Teren, solar developers can reduce field labor, survey, and earth works costs by using high-fidelity data to inform site design and planning. Stormwater, tree clearing, and shading analytics save significant time so you can get to market sooner.

Topography & Contours for Engineering

Reduce Field Labor & Survey Costs

Teren delivers high-fidelity, high-accuracy data to support engineering and design teams during solar construction. With Teren’s topography, contours, hydrology, and vegetation analytics, developers can reduce field labor and survey costs drastically.

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Teren Solar Development
Tree Shading Analysis software window
Understand Tree Shading & Reduce Clearing costs

Expedite & Optimize Vegetation Analyses

Every second and every tree counts in solar development. Teren’s tree clearing and shading analytics pinpoint biomass to be cleared and assess shading at various times of the year – and we do it faster than anyone. With Teren, design teams can minimize environmental impact while keep projects on schedule.

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4D Analytics

Predict, Identify, Prioritize, and Monitor External Force Threats over Time

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Topography & Contours

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Surface Hydrology

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Grading Analysis

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Tree Shading & Clearing

Teren-LiDar-Data acquisition with a plane flying over the camera

Improve ROI with Higher Quality Data

Teren’s high-fidelity data and purpose-built analytics expedite site design and development to get your assets operational sooner. With better data, developers can make more informed decisions that saves money during construction and in operation.

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Develop More Accurate Cost Estimates

Don’t let third-party contractors guide your construction costs. With Teren, developers can assess terrain, elevation, and water flowpaths to design cut/fill and stormwater plans. Armed with accurate data, you’ll be able to better estimate construction costs and material needs.

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Contours Topography software examples

We work with companies who have the greatest opportunity to drive climate change resilience.

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