Turn Remotely-Sensed Data into an Enterprise Asset to Keep a Pulse on Changing Environmental & Terrain Conditions

Teren’s purpose-built analytics leverage high-fidelity LiDAR data to support power transmission assets and renewable development projects. Our data can expedite renewable site design and development, identify vegetation encroachments in transmission corridors, and inform carbon credit offset needs.

Renewable Development

Fast & Accurate Topography Data for Renewable Projects

Teren delivers high-fidelity, high-accuracy data faster than anyone else to inform engineering during solar and wind development. With Teren’s topography, contours, hydrology, and vegetation analytics, developers can reduce field labor and earth works costs drastically.

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Teren Topography Data for Projects
Teren LiDar Data Acquisition
Turn data into an enterprise asset

Analytics for Every Stage of Project Development

Teren’s high-fidelity data and purpose-built analytics help integrated utilities build and operate resilient infrastructure. With better data, you can can make more informed decisions that saves money and fortifies your assets during construction and in operation.

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Monitor Weather & Wildfire Risk

Develop & Operate Climate Resilient Infrastructure with Teren Essentials

Teren Wildfire Threat

Wildfire Threat Model

Weather Deviations Teren

Weather Deviations

Landslide Map for Climate Resilient Assets

Landslide Threat

Inland Flooding Threat

Flooding Risk

Teren Vegetation Encroachment

Holistic Vegetation Management

We go beyond traditional vegetation encroachment analysis to assess sub-canopy conditions and fuel. We identify and monitor soil, hydrology, and terrain conditions that could lead to drought or threaten asset performance and reliability.

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REDUCE your carbon footprint

Environmental Impact Analytics for Integrated Utilities

Teren’s environmental impact analytics help integrated utility companies assess carbon offset credit needs and environmental impact. Our LiDAR-based approach inventories every single tree for carbon accounting, examines streamflow and watershed impacting fish passageways, and can inform critical species impact. 

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