Bring Your Environmental Twin to Life

Explore the dynamic capabilities, real-time visualization, and predictive analytics that drive smarter, faster, and more informed choices. Near real-time reporting empowers you to stay ahead in a constantly evolving landscape.

Keep a Pulse on Changing Site Conditions

Inform critical operational decisions for business continuity. At Teren, we know time is of the essence when planning for and responding to natural disasters. With our climate-informed data and reporting, you can make better decisions backed by ecosystem science to ensure resilience.

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Teren Climate Resilience Platform
Teren for DOT

Dynamic Dashboards

Seamlessly aggregate climate, ecosystem, and remotely-sensed data sources into a singular, dynamic interface, providing a bird’s eye perspective for informed decision-making. The near real-time data streams are based on statistically defensible analysis that, as conditions change, can inform operational and control room decisions.

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Innovative Integration

Our environmental twin solutions redefine what’s possible. We work with our clients to integrate critical data into their business operation to provide a full picture of what’s happening on the ground.

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Automation & Monitoring

Armed with AI and data science we don’t just model and identify evolving threats – we practically predict them. Whether it’s unruly weather or the subtle dance of the earth beneath, we’ve got it covered.

Teren Weather Monitoring During Storm

Inundation & Flood

Predict property-level impacts to inform and prioritize disaster response in the event of a hurricane or flooding disaster.

Change Detection Geohazards

Geohazard Risk

Evaluate changes to terrain, vegetation, and debris flow after a heavy rainfall that could impact assets or humans.

Post-Burn Reclamation

Post-Burn Analytics

Reveal where action is needed most to protect human lives and infrastructure and prevent further disasters.

We work with companies who have the greatest opportunity to drive climate change resilience.