Be Prepared for Unprecedented

Teren offers a systematic program to help you prepare for weather events that were once considered unprecedented or “force majuere” but are becoming more and more commonplace in our rapidly changing climate.


Keep a Pulse on Changing Site Conditions

Inform critical operational decisions for business continuity. At Teren, we know time is of the essence when planning for and responding to natural disasters. With our weather monitoring and response program, you can ensure safety and reduce PR and public scrutiny exposure.

Near-Real Time Weather Reporting
On Demand Weather

Monitor Assets in Real-Time

When a significant weather event occurs, Teren provides real-time forecasting & alerts so you can better understand increased & observed risks before, during and after the storm.


Increase Safety for Field Crews

Rather than putting crews at risk, Teren can examine your area of interest, assess potential threats, and provide geo-intelligence to the emergency response team.

ESG reporting

Ensure Regulatory Compliance

Teren can deploy, capture, and deliver LiDAR data and actionable insights within 72 hours of a significant weather event to meet business and regulatory requirements.

Teren Analytics

Keep your asset safe by obtaining time-relevant, threat-specific analytics immediately after a heavy rainfall or natural disaster. Teren proactively monitors your area of interest to identify external threats to your asset, property or value at risk in record time.

Teren Weather Monitoring During Storm

Inundation & Flood

Predict property-level impacts to inform and prioritize disaster response in the event of a hurricane or flooding disaster.

Change Detection Geohazards

Geohazard Risk

Evaluate changes to terrain, vegetation, and debris flow after a heavy rainfall that could impact assets or humans.

Post-Burn Reclamation

Post-Burn Analytics

Reveal where action is needed most to protect human lives and infrastructure and prevent further disasters.

We work with companies who have the greatest opportunity to drive climate change resilience.