Teren’s Climate Resilience Analytics go beyond climate risk modeling to inform physical risk mitigation and strengthen resilience.

Landslide Geohazards

Identify & Prioritize Geohazards on Steep terrain

In steep and hilly terrain, geohazards and landslides manifest as the result of changes in vegetation, hydrology, and land movement.

Erosive Geohazards

Erosion leads to unknown geohazards

In topographically flat regions, geohazards manifest where hydrologic, agriculture, and wind forces erode the landscape and threaten asset integrity.

Water Saturation & Problematic Flow

Water Can Change Terrain Surrounding Assets

Flooding and powerful hydrologic forces can cause unpredictable erosion and direct damage to assets and property.

Vegetation Overgrowth

Evaluate Vegetation Impact on Assets

Vegetation encroachment and perimeter shading can impact asset integrity, regulatory compliance, or operational performance.

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