Make the Leap from Risk to Resilience

Identify, Prioritize and Monitor Environmental & Climate-Related Threats with Teren’s Asset Resilience Platform

With so much at stake — degrading assets, new regulations, and public scrutiny — the status quo to manage pipeline risk is no longer sufficient. Teren’s pipeline right-of-way integrity management program is an innovative, systematic approach to threat identification, prioritization, and monitoring to help you make the leap from risk to resilience.

Climate Resilience Data Platform

Identify Threats before they become Incidents with Risk-Ready Data

Teren’s threat and susceptibility data evaluates environmental and climate-related risks across your entire asset footprint and integrates seamlessly into your risk model. Our curated, expert-enhanced data pinpoints areas of high external force threat to inform risk models and keep you in compliance.

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Actionable Insights to Reduce Risk

Gain access to a high-fidelity digital twin of the environment surrounding your asset. Our decision-ready pipeline integrity data identifies and quantifies distinct threats in your right-of-way so you can take action to mitigate risk and fortify assets.

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Teren Actionable Insights

Monitor Changes Over Time

Identify and predict emerging threats invisible to the human eye with Teren’s change detection. We monitor changing environmental conditions such as pipeline depth of cover over time with temporal, remotely-sensed data so you can take action to mitigate threats and improve resilience.

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Weather & External Force Data for Risk Models

Teren’s weather and external force threat data is linear-referenced to your pipeline to be integrated with your risk model. From subsidence to landslides threat to abnormal weather conditions, Teren’s data pinpoints asset threat and keeps you in compliance.

Teren Nationwide Hazard Model Weather Summary

Pipeline 4D: Purpose-Built Analytics to Solve Operator Challenges

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Change Detection

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Geohazard Identification & Ranking

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Surface Hydrology

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Structure Identification

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Depth of

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Vegetation Encroachment

Pipeline Operations Dashboard from Teren

Unlock the Value of Remotely-Sensed Data

Get ahead of environmental, regulatory, and ESG requirements with Teren’s decision-ready data. Departments across your organization can leverage Teren to improve operational efficiencies, maintain permits and social license to operate, and save money.

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Are you in Compliance with External Force Threat Regulations?

PHMSA now requires operators to identify and evaluate all potential threats, including external forces, to covered lines… and Teren is here to help. We help operators achieve pipeline regulatory compliance for regulations including:

  • Gas Mega Rule 49 CFR 192
  • 49 CFR 195
  • ASME B31.8s
  • PHMSA Advisory Bulletins
Pipeline Regulatory Compliance

Teren’s Proactive Path to Pipeline Resilience

Quantifying Our Impact: A Numbers-Based Look at Our Clients’ Success

Teren Prevents Landslides

Teren Prevented 24 Landslide-induced Shut-Ins

Teren Saves Natural Gas

Teren Saved 15 Billion Cubic Feet of Natural Gas from being Lost to Market

Teren Eliminated 2.4 Million Metric Tons of CO2 Emissions across the U.S.

Teren Case Study

Case Study: Save Millions in Lost Revenue

Watch our recent webinar, Mitigating External Force Threats, to hear how one Teren client reduced their repair budget by 90%.

Prior to Teren, the operator had 246 unprioritized geohazard slips which cost 2-3x more to repair than it would have to proactively mitigate. This resulted in 3-5 shut-ins per year costing $7MM/day when shut-in.

With Teren’s Pipeline 4D program, they reduced the number of unknown slips to only 12. Subsequent mitigation reduced the repair budget by 90% and resulted in 0 shut-ins per year.

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