Welcome to the future of geospatial data management – where big problems meet even bigger solutions.

Teren’s cloud-based, high-performance computing platform isn’t just a solution; it’s a game-changer. We fuse remotely-sensed data, real-time climate intel, and environmental insights to breath life into 3D environmental twins while setting new benchmarks for speed. 

Large Geographies Are Our Speciality

We deliver greater value with a new standard for 3D data processing at speed and scale while providing greater accuracy and high point density for geographically large regions.

  • Create an environmental digital twin of long linear assets or new project sites
  • Infinitely scalable processing to meet the needs of any workload and timeline
  • Fully classified, analysis-ready datasets generated within hours for 10,000+ sq mi
  • Trusted, proven performance in civil, infrastructure, and government markets
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Debris Flow Analysis
Teren Point Cloud Data

High-Density Point Cloud Data

Teren 4Band Imagery

High-Resolution 4-Band Imagery

Teren Digital Surface Model

High-Fidelity Digital Surface Model

Teren Digital Terrain Data

Temporal Digital Terrain Model

Why Teren?

With Teren, what used to take ages now happens in the blink of an eye.

Clouds billowing from Hermit's peak fire

Case Study: Teren Processes & Analyzes 340,000+ acres of Burn Scar for Hermit’s Peak in Record Time

Teren’s approach to processing, calibrating and classifying LiDAR data enabled the USDA to assess 340,000+ acres of burn area from the Hermit’s Peak fire and prescribe treatments in less than four weeks. 

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