Teren Processing Engine

The Future Belongs to Those Who Are Fast

Transforming 3D & 4D data into intelligence with speed and certainty requires competencies that the remote sensing and analysis industries have been missing — until now.

Teren utilizes the world’s first cloud-based geospatial high-performance computing engine to process complex airborne and satellite remotely-sensed data faster than anyone.

Leveraging modern data science and earth sciences expertise, we’ve automated  feature classification to deliver highly accurate 3D & 4D data in hours (rather than months).

3D & 4D Data Processing Engine

Teren accelerates the remote sensing and analysis industries’ path to delivering customer value with a new standard for 3D data processing at speed and scale.

  • Infinitely scalable to meet the needs of any workload and timeline
  • Fully classified, analysis-ready datasets generated within hours for 10,000+ sq mi
  • Trusted, proven performance in civil, infrastructure, and government markets
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Teren Point Cloud Data

High-Density Point Cloud Data

Teren 4Band Imagery

High-Resolution 4-Band Imagery

Teren Digital Surface Model

High-Fidelity Digital Surface Model

Teren Digital Terrain Data

Temporal Digital Terrain Model

Why Teren?

Reduce Time | Reduce Labor | Reduce Costs
Don’t take our word for it!

Case Study: Reduce IT Overhead and High Costs

High-fidelity LiDAR results in a lot of data, meaning clients are required to store, manage, and analyze enormous data sets that can bog down computers and people. 

Before Teren, a client was receiving roughly 70TB of Raw Data per LiDAR collection which costs an estimated $400,000 in infrastructure, software and labor. It took 30 hours to process only 3 square miles. 

With Teren, the client was able to reduce storage requirements by 7X — eliminating a 500TB data management burden. They eliminated the $400,000 in infrastructure and labor costs, and were able to process data in 20 minutes.

Teren Case Study Data

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