LiDAR is the most accurate data to Model the Earth

With Teren, you can develop a digital twin of the environment surrounding your asset, property or value at risk with greater accuracy and speed than other providers.

Teren’s high-fidelity LiDAR data ensures greater accuracy and is delivered in a fraction of the time of traditional aerial providers thanks to our powerful processing and automated classification. Our speed and high-quality data allows you to accelerate your path to actionable intelligence.

Teren Point Cloud Data

Point Cloud Data

Teren 4Band Imagery

Teren 4Band Imagery

Teren Digital Surface Model

Digital Surface Model

Teren Digital Terrain Data

Digital Terrain Model

The Future Belongs to Those Who are Fast

Teren is the only solution that can provide end-to-end remotely-sensed data, analytics and intelligence at the pace of business.

LIDAR DATA for thousands of miles IN RECORD TIME

Large Geographies are Our Speciality

Teren delivers greater accuracy and high point density for geographically large regions.

  • Create an environmental digital twin of long linear assets or new project sites
  • Powerful processing delivers data in a fraction of the time
  • Eliminate the cost and time to insights with automated analysis and feature classification
  • LiDAR removes tree canopies to reveal terrain, surface hydrology, grasses and brush
  • Experienced flight planning expedites schedules from NTP to data delivery

Solutions for Every Industry

No matter the location or the size, we have the aircraft and infinitely scalable processing to meet the needs of any workload, location, and timeline. Within days, you’ll receive fully classified, decision-ready datasets for projects of 1,000 – 10,000+ square miles.

Power & Renewable

PHMSA Gas Mega Rule


Wildfire 4D


River debris

Land & Environmental

Teren for Transportation

Roads & Rail

Teren for Broadband


Teren Wildfire

Case Study: Teren Analyzes 363,000 acres of Burn Scar for Hermit’s Peak in Record Time

Teren’s approach to capturing, processing, and classifying LiDAR data enabled the USDA to assess 363,000 acres of burn area from the Hermit’s Peak fire and prescribe treatments in less than four weeks. 

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Teren LiDAR Point Cloud Data
Data Specs

Consistent Results You Can Rely On

Teren’s standard delivery specifications are:

  • Imagery: 80 Megapixel, 7.5cm GSD
  • Terrain: 40cm GSD
  • Vertical Accuracy: +/- 10cm
  • Horizontal Accuracy: +/- 40cm
  • Pulse Density: 20 PPM
  • Spectral Range: RGB and NIR
  • Deliverables: DTM, DSM, Contours, Point Cloud, Orthomosaic
  • Deliverable Formats: Standard GIS and CAD Formats
Faster, Better Data Every Time

Proven Partnership to Ensure Your Success

Transparency is key to an effective partnership. Teren leverages the Leica Terrainmapper-2 to collect high-fidelity LiDAR and imagery. Thanks to our powerful processing and automated classification, our data is trusted by the civil, infrastructure, energy, and government markets.

Teren Leica Geosystems

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