Premium 4D Content Library

Teren is amassing a content library of remotely-sensed 3D (spatial) data across the United States. That data is updated on regular intervals to monitor changes over time providing a unique 4D (temporal) view. The 4D data library feeds analytics that identify risk, inform mitigation, and strengthen resilience.

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Access High-Fidelity Remotely-Sensed Anytime, Anywhere

Teren transforms complex data into actionable insights by combining high-resolution LiDAR and GIS know-how with the latest in machine learning. We deliver via our nationwide content library enabling clients to access high-fidelity data without the hassle and time delays of traditional methods.

Teren Point Cloud Data

High-Density Point Cloud Data

Teren 4Band Imagery

High-Resolution 4-Band Imagery

Teren Digital Surface Model

High-Fidelity Digital Surface Model

Teren Digital Terrain Data

Temporal Digital Terrain Model

Increased Efficiency, Improved Prioritization, Better Budgeting 

Before Teren, our field crews had no method to rank and prioritize mitigation efforts. All geohazards were treated equally. With Teren, we are more efficient and can accurately rank and prioritize geohazards as well as prepare more precise budgets for repairs.

Premium Benefits

Teren Distills Big Data into Targeted Geo-Intelligence

By leveraging Teren’s premium content, asset owners, developers, engineering firms, and insurers can reduce exposure to climate threats, measure change over time, and improve physical resilience.

Terrain 4D

Terrain 4D

Landslide: Problematic Hillslope

Pipeline 4D

Renewable 4D

Renewable 4D

Wildfire 4D

Wildfire 4D

Teren Power Transmission

Power 4D

Teren ESG Sustainability 4D

Sustainability 4D

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Premium Content Program Saves Clients in Appalachia $152M Annually

Teren’s premium content program saved clients in Appalachia an estimated $152 million last year – preventing 24 failures due to landslides and saving roughly 15 B cubic feet per day of natural gas.

While landslides are not as pervasive across the United States, companies can apply the premium content program to identify and monitor environment threats more common to their region:

  • Gulf Coast – Inundation, subsidence, land movement
  • Midwest – Erosion, flooding, subsidence
  • Rock Mountains – Landslides, flooding, wildfire
  • West Coast – Wildfires, land movement, flooding
Teren Pipeline Solutions

We work with companies who have the greatest opportunity to drive climate change resilience.

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