How AI Can Help Solve Climate Change

Climate Change image by Paul Souders /Getty Images
Image Source: Paul Souders / Getty Images

Teren was featured in a recent article by Jerry Ledford in LifeWire about the power of data and artificial intelligence in solving climate change.

In a recent article, LifeWire examined how computing can contribute to climate change and how artificial intelligence may be able to help. Teren CEO, Toby Kraft, was quoted in article along with contributors from Arizona State University and Capgemini Americas.

“AI is already helping analyze satellite imagery to understand climate change better. AI will revolutionize how many professionals get work done—more efficient, accurate, timely, and safe. As asset owners get better at fortifying infrastructure and properties, they will have better defenses against the impact of climate change,” said Kraft.

Key takeaways from the article include:

  • While computing power is a climate change factor, AI can also help reduce its impact. 
  • AI is also helping combat climate change by assisting researchers in digesting vast amounts of data. 
  • The use of AI could help mine rare elements for electric vehicles.

To read the full article, click here to visit LifeWire.