Webinar: Wildfire Season 2023 – How Well Do You Know Your Risk?

Teren Wildfire Potential Model Webinar
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“In the aftermath of another record-breaking year for U.S. wildfire events and damage, there’s a tremendous need for precise information on wildfire risk within well-defined geographic areas,” comments Deepak Badoni, president, EigenRisk. “Our relationship with Teren brings a critical resource for risk managers and property insurance underwriters designed to depict relative potential for wildfire occurrence at a high resolution.”

Teren Partners with EigenRisk

Teren recently announced, in partnership with EigenRisk, its wildfire potential model is commercially available to the Insurance sector. To compliment the announcement, Teren and EigenRisk hosted a joint webinar focused on how Risk Managers, Brokers, and Insurers can easily leverage statistically validated, scientifically informed, and high-resolution wildfire potential data to confidently assess wildfire risk exposure at the property level.

What You’ll Learn from “Wildfire Season 2023: How Well Do You Know Your Risk?”

In the webinar, we addressed the following questions (among others):

  1. What should risk professionals look for in a wildfire hazard model to make confident decisions?
  2. How can ecosystem data science and high-performance geospatial computing deliver a better wildfire hazard model?
  3. How does a model validated on historical wildfires serve to predict future risk exposure?
  4. How does this model compare to publicly available datasets?
  5. Does this wildfire hazard model support probabilistic loss modeling?

“We’re pleased to offer our U.S. wildfire potential model to the risk management and insurance community through EigenRisk’s platform,” says Katherine Kraft, director of Product. Teren. “Our model integrates and analyzes climate, terrain, vegetation, and land use data to create an index of wildfire potential for the conterminous U.S.”

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